Bring on the party!

Our convenient carrying box with handle has enough party supplies for 20. You get sturdy compostable plates (two sizes), leak-proof compostable cups (hot or cold), lots of quality napkins, and a compostable garbage bag for easy cleanup. Our unbreakable cutlery is eco-friendly too. It's made from plants not plastic!

The Eco Party Kit for 20:

• 20 Compostable Dinner Plates

• 20 Compostable Dessert Plates

• 20 Compostable Hot/Cold Cups

• 20 Full-Size, Unbreakable Forks

• 20 Full-Size, Unbreakable Knives

• 20 Full-Size, Unbreakable Spoons

• 40 Large Quality Napkins

• Extra Large Compostable Garbage Bag

Get Your Party Started!

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